Let’s talk about mirrors

Eisoptrophobia or Catoptrophobia, can result in severe panic and anxiety and is a result from fear of seeing yourself, or something else in the mirror. Many people have fears or phobias that can range from test taking, snakes, speaking in public, flying or water. The difference between those phobias and Catoptrophobia, is that a fear of mirrors can negatively impact your daily life in a professional and social setting. There are many reasons people fear mirrors, from a fear of reflections, fear of your own body image, or fear of the supernatural. Of course, we are going to focus on the supernatural and how that plays into this particular fear.

The fear, imbedded from religious beliefs or customs, is linked to death, ghosts, or even witchcraft. Mirrors are a significant tool in rituals and appear in many superstitions, and an old belief is that a mirror shows a reflection an individual’s soul. Within this belief, the soul regenerates every seven years, and if a mirror breaks that is why you will have seven years of bad luck. Some cultures will cover a deceased persons living quarters with mirrors, so the soul will not get trapped. The mirror has always been portrayed as a portal from one world to another and seeing a reflection in the mirror that is not in your reality, is a bad omen. When it comes to the urban legends, the most famous is Bloody Mary. Saying her name three times to your bathroom mirror can send for an evil entity through said mirror.

Why are we scared of Dolls?

Why are dolls so creepy?

Well as humans we see a face and associate it with mental capabilities. Meaning the face we see can think, come up with plans, feel happiness, feel pain, and bleed. So seeing a doll with a humanlike face, rosy cheeks, glossy eyes, and hair like ours, its difficult to see this thing as inanimate. But, it is. Pedophobia is a fear of dolls. Many movies, TV shows, stories, books, poems, and yes Haunted Houses use this human fear for profit. Guilty! But this topic, discussed in an earlier blog post, humans will literally pay for fear.

Even as children we give dolls a life of their own, we give them dolls houses, cloths, we change them, brush their hair, lay them to bed and take them everywhere with us. In a way it’s really quite sweet to see our little ones caring so deeply for something, similar to how we care for them. Until one day, the child outgrows the doll and it just sits on the dresser for days, weeks, and months on end and you pass it every time you walk down the hall. One day, you take a second look. The doll has moved slightly, this wasn’t your doing or the childs doing. It stays like that for weeks, you start to hear noises, see its eyes following you as you walk in and out of it’s sight. This is when the doll you used to see daily, accompanying your child on every trip is now a neglected toy that get not attention or affection. As humans we have a sense of guilt about that, because we see a small face and it’s hard for us to not see a mental state attached to it. However, many accounts and ghost stories and folk tales, sometimes tells us otherwise. A ghost sees an empty vessel. This vessel has legs, hands with 10 digits, eyes to look around, and the ability to go unnoticed as an inanimate object, the perfect hiding spot and the perfect vessel to move.

Drop us a couple of comments below with some scary stories about your encounters with dolls or puppets!

World’s Largest Ghost Hunt!

Join us at the NSH for a part of the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt. SRS Paranormal will be leading the investigation. There are 139 haunted locations around the world participating. You can participate with us and be a part of the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt! We will be live streaming while investigating. So if you can’t join us watch us on fb live stream. Click here to check out the National Ghost Hunting Day Page for information on other locations participating in the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt.

Ghosts, are they real or a fragment of the imagination?

It’s a great topic of debate among humans, and has been for centuries. The world’s population is divided on this, those who believe ghosts are real and those who don’t. To those who do believe in life after death, the ability to sense ghosts, or the ability to communicate with the dead, these are all topics believers are deeply interested in. And sometimes we do need a little reassurance, especially with the non-believers always chiming in. Some videos posted online are a total hoax, yet some are undeniably creepy and almost impossible to explain.

Check out this website to see what you think…

Share your ghost stories with us in the comments section. If you have audio/or video files be sure to send them our way and we’ll post them on our website and Facebook.



Why do People Pay for Fear?

Do you ever wonder why it is that along with the fun of trick or treating with your kiddos, makings “finger” foods (no pun intended), finding your way out of a corn maze and carving pumpkins, there’s one central theme to this season that attracts people of all ages. Fear.


Why is it people choose to be scared? And furthermore, why do they pay for this excitement? Fear in a sense gives us a rush, a sort of fight or flight response. According to Feltman and Kaplan, another reason people love to be scared is due to the rush of hormones that make people feel overall stronger. Fear has driven civilization to what it is today. Without fear our ancestors would have perished in dangerous situations due to the lack of a flight or fight response.


When approached by something scary or put in a scary situation our bodies and instinct for survival takes over. Our hearts speed up, we breathe quicker, and more oxygen finds its way to our muscles, which is needed in either the fight or flight response. When adrenaline is released we almost turn into super humans, doing thins we never really thought our bodies were capable of. All of these emotions can makes us shake, simply because our bodies are working in overtime, as explained by Feltman and Kaplan.


Some don’t handle fear well, being left vulnerable and sick, but some feel overpowered when the endorphins kick in. For those who thrive on fear, it is because it induces a high arousal response, which like many other high arousal responses, feels pretty amazing.


One reason haunted houses are so fun is because we can feel that fear with our bodies, but according to Margee Kerr a Sociologist specializing in fear, it takes les than a second for us to remember were in a safe place and then we switch over to extreme joy.


Kerr also believes that we use fear as a distraction, using those endorphins helps to dull our conscious thinking and gives us a break from everyday realities. Then there’s the components of social bonding and sense of achievement many feel after having fear instilled in them.


Overall, not everyone can handle intense fear, so be mindful of you’re mindset and personal limitations before venturing into a haunted adventure. Fear makes some of us feel good in a controlled setting, that we often pay for. Visiting a haunted house, if your both mentally and physically up to it, can make you feel overjoyed and like a superhuman. So come visit the NSHM Haunted Mansion, pay us to scare you and leave with a boost of self-esteem, we’re always glad to help. J


Feltman, Rachel, and Sarah. “Dear Science: Why Do People like Scary Movies and Haunted Houses?” The Washington Post, WP Company, 31 Oct. 2016, http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/speaking-of-science/wp/2016/10/31/dear-science-why-do-people-like-scary-movies-and-haunted-houses/?noredirect=on.


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