Why are we scared of Dolls?

Why are dolls so creepy?

Well as humans we see a face and associate it with mental capabilities. Meaning the face we see can think, come up with plans, feel happiness, feel pain, and bleed. So seeing a doll with a humanlike face, rosy cheeks, glossy eyes, and hair like ours, its difficult to see this thing as inanimate. But, it is. Pedophobia is a fear of dolls. Many movies, TV shows, stories, books, poems, and yes Haunted Houses use this human fear for profit. Guilty! But this topic, discussed in an earlier blog post, humans will literally pay for fear.

Even as children we give dolls a life of their own, we give them dolls houses, cloths, we change them, brush their hair, lay them to bed and take them everywhere with us. In a way it’s really quite sweet to see our little ones caring so deeply for something, similar to how we care for them. Until one day, the child outgrows the doll and it just sits on the dresser for days, weeks, and months on end and you pass it every time you walk down the hall. One day, you take a second look. The doll has moved slightly, this wasn’t your doing or the childs doing. It stays like that for weeks, you start to hear noises, see its eyes following you as you walk in and out of it’s sight. This is when the doll you used to see daily, accompanying your child on every trip is now a neglected toy that get not attention or affection. As humans we have a sense of guilt about that, because we see a small face and it’s hard for us to not see a mental state attached to it. However, many accounts and ghost stories and folk tales, sometimes tells us otherwise. A ghost sees an empty vessel. This vessel has legs, hands with 10 digits, eyes to look around, and the ability to go unnoticed as an inanimate object, the perfect hiding spot and the perfect vessel to move.

Drop us a couple of comments below with some scary stories about your encounters with dolls or puppets!

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