Let’s talk about mirrors

Eisoptrophobia or Catoptrophobia, can result in severe panic and anxiety and is a result from fear of seeing yourself, or something else in the mirror. Many people have fears or phobias that can range from test taking, snakes, speaking in public, flying or water. The difference between those phobias and Catoptrophobia, is that a fear of mirrors can negatively impact your daily life in a professional and social setting. There are many reasons people fear mirrors, from a fear of reflections, fear of your own body image, or fear of the supernatural. Of course, we are going to focus on the supernatural and how that plays into this particular fear.

The fear, imbedded from religious beliefs or customs, is linked to death, ghosts, or even witchcraft. Mirrors are a significant tool in rituals and appear in many superstitions, and an old belief is that a mirror shows a reflection an individual’s soul. Within this belief, the soul regenerates every seven years, and if a mirror breaks that is why you will have seven years of bad luck. Some cultures will cover a deceased persons living quarters with mirrors, so the soul will not get trapped. The mirror has always been portrayed as a portal from one world to another and seeing a reflection in the mirror that is not in your reality, is a bad omen. When it comes to the urban legends, the most famous is Bloody Mary. Saying her name three times to your bathroom mirror can send for an evil entity through said mirror.

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