The Most Haunted Town in America

Rugby, TN founded in 1880 by Thomas Hughes, the author of the first children’s book “Tom Brown’s School Days.” Hughes used the proceeds from his book to buy land on the Cumberland Plateau, with the initial sight to establish a Utopian village, however that didn’t work out and then the typhoid fever took the lives of many residents.

Rugby is settled in the shadow of Big South Fork River and Recreation Area with population that sits at 75 living, and an unknown number of the deceased. Upon visiting you will be sure to see that the Victorian Village hasn’t changed much in the past 120 years. Seventeen of the original Victorian Structures still remain including the Thomas Hughes Free Library, where every book was published in or before 1900.

An especially active building is the Old Newbury House, which is still open for overnight guests, and has been the scene of many unexplained events throughout the history of Rugby TN. Instances include, children’s laughter, uneasy feelings, chills when entering rooms, women who claim to feel a nudge or a touch because the ghost of Mr. Oldfield, who died in one of the rooms, is looking for his wife.  A horse drawn carriage can be seen on an overgrown road, and on your way out be sure to pay your respects and leave some pennies on Mr. Oldfield’s grave.

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