Straight from the Remax site!

How do you tell if your house is haunted?

Here are six things you can do to see if your house is haunted

  1. Use a voice recorder. If you find your house, or a particular room is haunted, take a voice recorder in that room, ask the ghost a series of questions and then leave giving the ghost enough time to answer. Upon reviewing the tape, you may hear your answers.
  2. Ghost apps. There are some apps out there with a radar mechanism that can pick up some bursts of energy.
  3. Communicate via Ouija Board. This is a tried-and-true way to communicate with the deceased, however, if the board starts to spell “hell” or “evil” quickly move the planchette to “good-bye” before the demon has a chance to enter your home.
  4. Take a picture. Take a lot of pictures of your home, and maybe they will appear through the lens.
  5. Energy Audits. Use a thermal imaging camera, this will show you where a spirit can be standing in the room.
  6. Ask your realtor to stay in the house overnight. If you’re currently looking to buy a home and the house gives you an eerie feeling, ask your realtor to say all night, if they can’t make it through the night, neither will you.

Click the link for more info on testing your house for ghosts.

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