The Different Types of Ghosts

Whether or not your walking through and old structure and feel a cold spot, or see a shadow out of the corner of your eye and then it disappears when you turn to it, or perhaps you feel for a split second some normalcy because you thought you saw a deceased relative. Believe it or not, all of these different situations could be ghosts. Like the living, ghosts come in many shapes and forms, so let’s explore five different types of ghosts.

  1. The Interactive personality: This can be a visit from a past family member or friend, sometimes even a historical figure. These ghosts tend to carry over their personalities they had when they were among the living. They can also emit odors that they believe you will associate with them, such as perfume, cigarette smoke, baked goods, etc. Mosts often these ghosts come about when they sense a loved one needs them, or they need you to know something.
  2. Ectoplasm: Yep! Sounds like ghostbusters, but believe it or not, this is a real type of ghost. These are your typical ghosts sightings that occur outdoors, likely in cemetery’s. What you will see with these ghosts are a swirling cloud that appear a couple of feet off the ground. They can be white, gray, or even black, and many times one will see the Ectoplasm before a full body apparition.
  3. The Poltergeist: This is the most widely known type of ghosts, due to pop culture. Poltergeists are referred to as “Noisy ghosts,” they have the ability to manipulate objects around them. They can open and shut doors and cabinets, move furniture, turn lights on and off, etc. This activity is normally harmless and ends as quickly as it started , however they have been known to become dangerous.
  4. Orbs: The balls of light that you believe it to just be bad lighting when taking a picture, could actually be a spirit, you have caught on camera. These orbs can be blue or white, they move very quickly and this is often the form they take before becoming an apparition, similar to the Ectoplasm.
  5. Funnel Ghosts: These ghosts can form a cold vortex. So, when you’re touring a historical structure that gives you the creeps and you walk through a cold spot in the upstairs walkway, more than likely you have passed through a Funnel Ghost. 

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