*Update: Due to the continuing COVID-19 Pandemic the Nickerson Snead House Museum will not be holding our annual Haunted Mansion. We hope to be back in 2021. Thank you all for your understanding.


Our 2019 season we will be open from the first week of October until the first week of November, from 7PM-11PM on Friday & Saturday nights. We are also open on Halloween night from 7PM-10PM. Scare you soon! The Nickerson Snead House in Glade Spring, VA houses many special events throughout the year, but our most notable event would be the yearly Haunted Mansion that runs from the third week of September until the first week of November, on the weekends and on Halloween Night.

The Nickerson Snead House focuses on many phobias to make this a one of a kind Haunted House. The layout and props change yearly with themes ranging from closterphobia, coulrophobia, entomophobia (or insectophobia), pediophobia and phasmophobia, among many more. Not only are these phobias portrayed throughout the entire tour, but are combined with scare actors, hellavators, an insane vortex and rooms that will make everyday things seem absolutely terrifying. Not to mention we have some pretty cool projection ghosts placed throughout the house!