Best Fall Activities! 9.20.21

While we are gearing up for spooky season, here are a few cool suggestions on fall activities to do before all the Haunted Houses open up!

This site offers activities to do with friends, family, kids and even solo activities to enjoy the best season of the year!

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Cursed Movies

Snuff (American Cannibale 1976)

“The concept of a “snuff” film – a movie depicting an actual murder – basically started in 1971 when Ed Sanders, the author of a book about the Manson Family, asserted that Charles Manson and his followers had filmed their killing spree (no footage was ever found). Then, just a few years later in 1976, husband-and-wife directors Michael and Roberta Findlay made a cheap exploitation film called Slaughter about an actress and her director who are murdered by a Manson Family-esque clan in South America. Grindhouse film distributor Allan Shackleton bought the film, changed the title to Snuff, and released it under the pretense that it depicted the real murder of the main actress (the tagline was “Filmed in South America…Where Life is Cheap!”). This kickstarted an obsession with snuff films, although none have ever been conclusively unearthed.”

“Plausibility Score: 4 out of 5
The Manson Family connection and the fact that people still believe in the existence of snuff films even today and really sell this one.”

To see what other cursed movies are out there, give this site a visit:

Cursed Art

The Anguished Man

This disturbing piece was created by an unknown man who mixed his own blood into the paint to create it. Soon after he finished the painting, he committed suicide. The current owner, who inherited it from his grandmother says that when he hung the painting up in his home that he and his family started hearing crying at night, along with whispers and seeing a shadowy figure appear throughout their home.

Cursed Movies

Antrum (2019)

A horror film inside a horror film. This found footage/faux-real horror film is supposedly cursed. Before the release of Antrum there were rumors that the film within this film actually existed, leading people to believe that it was truly cursed and giving this particular horror film and air of mystery before it was ever screened.

The movie takes place in modern time, referencing a found footage movie from the 70’s in which details the adventure of two young children who try to dig a hole all the way to hell to save their recently deceased pet dog.

The Ouija Board!

We are still seeking true haunted stories from our followers! We are seeking all kinds of stories, poems, etc., about an event that you experienced, a story passed down from generations, folklore that your town believes in, or anything else that gives off a creepy vibe. For those who may have tried communicating with the dead via the Ouija Board, tell us about that time. Do you believe you were talking to your loved one or something else? Did strange things continue to happen in your home afterward? Did you possibly awaken something that started to cause bad luck? We want to know it all! Send us your STORIES!

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